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, and both races were close in alabama santorum beat gingrich by $6 percentage points, mitt romney a few thousand votes behind gingrich, ron paul a distant fourth. >>> mississippi's primary was even closer, santorum held off gingrich by two percentage points, romney a close third, paul finishing fourth. romney did claim two victories yesterday, he won the hawaii caucus and also the caucus in american samoa. >>> and right now congress is taking up rare legislation on capitol hill, a proposed bill that would cut off pay to lawmakers is getting surprising moment um momentum. they're hearing the no budget no pay act, the bipartisan bill is an attempt to find ways to improve the congressional process. if passed, lawmakers wouldn't get paid if they don't pass a budget or pass other critical legislation in time. >>> well, we are enjoying exactly what tom said we were going to see today, some beautiful sunshine and temperatures on the rise. breaking any records, tom? >> the record is 86 set on this date for today, march 14th, that was back in 19 it 90. i don't think it will get that hot at reaga
. >>> decision 2012's biggest primary day is in the book now. mitt romney can claim the biggest prize ohio. former governor won six of the 11 contests last night and started to put a little distance between himself and other candidates. nbc's tracie potts has more on the biggest day of the primary season. >> it appears mitt romney eked out a very narrow victory over rick santorum in ohio, one percentage point. >> i'm not going let you down. i'm going to get this nomination. >> reporter: romney realizes it is all about delegates and he's now got more than 300. it is a numbers game. and he's winning. >> tonight we are doing some counting and counting out the delegates for the convention and looks good and counting the days until november. that looks even better. >> reporter: romney won his home state, massachusetts, vermont, virginia, and idaho, alaska, four delegates in wyoming. santorum scored victories in tennessee, oklahoma, and north dakota. >> we have won in the west, the midwest, and the south and we are ready to win across this country. >> reporter: newt gingrich only won his home st
to afghan by 2014. >>> illinois is holding its primary today. analysts say mitt romney needs a decisive victory to secure his front-runner status and continue his attempt to become the gop nominee. romney surged in the latest polls after running neck in neck with rick an sorm last week. 54 dregs are up for grabs in illinois. nbc news political director chuck todd spoke with matt lauer on the "today show" this morning. he says it's possible republicans might not have a clear winner in time for the gop convention this summer. >> we've war-gamed it out. we have him about 50 short. if santorum and romney do this back-and-forth, so today it's romney, next week, two weeks from now on april 3rd, santorum wins in places like wisconsin, indiana, oregon and romney keeps winning in the northeast, places like new jersey, new york, et cetera, maybe even california, but santorum wins texas. you do all of this stuff, matt, i have him, we have him 50 short. now could he get it in state conventions and in other ways? he could. but that's the real challenge here for mitt romney. i say it's only a little
. >>> then republican presidential candidate, mitt romney finds himself at the center of a controversy surrounding a child's toy, we'll explain. [ female announcer ] with xfinity, you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever. and more ways to discover them too. plus more speed from america's fastest internet provider. so you can run more devices at the same time. ♪ feel a firework [ female announcer ] and best of all, it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪ >>> a former nasa scientist will spend 13 years in prison for espionage. a judge sentenced stewart nazette for passing secrets to an fbi agent posing as an israeli spy. the 54-year-old must pay a $217 million fine for tax evasion, the chevy chase man worked for the department of defense and nasa. he pleaded guilty to providing classified information and pleaded guilty to fraud and to the tax charges. >>> right now, president obama is announcing plans to speed up work on the southern portion of a controversial oil pipeline. here's a liv
of super tuesday. tomorrow than 400 delegates up for grabs in 11 states including virginia. mitt romney has an edge in the latest poll numbers. in the nbc news, wall street journal poll romney would beat rick santorum if they were the only two on the ballot. he leads 50-45, but when pitted against president obama, he loses 50-44%. each of the candidates is hoping to have a strong showing tomorrow. >> sure hope to get support even in the primary process throughout the south. i think i will. i got good support in florida. >> great grass roots campaign, hanging in there. >> very hard for one of the major candidates to not carry their home state and continue to move forward. >> as for now, rick santorum has a slight edge in tennessee and ohio. newt gingrich is expected to win big in his home state of georgia. and mitt romney, as one of only two candidates on the ballot, is expected to take virginia. >>> along with an edge in the polls, romney has a key endorsement. eric cantor says romney has the best plan to get the economy back on track, but the virginia congressman says he does not plan to b
candidates on the ballot in virginia. mitt romney and ron paul. newt gingrich and rick santorum did not meet strict requirements for collect signatures so they are out of play in virginia. for some, it made no difference. >> the one i was in before was on the ballot. interest didn't affect me that much. >> if you don't have the wherewithal or the organization to get on the ballot, then i kind of don't think you should be president. >> others would have liked to see the full field of candidates on the ballot. >> i think virginia should have left them on. it wouldn't have done any harm, you know. there are major candidates there and -- i mean, i don't know. but it is the law. >> reporter: election officials are encouraging everyone to come out and vote and there's plenty of time to do it. the polls remain open until 7:00 tonight. reporting live in alexandria, megan mcgrath, news4. >> thank you, megan. >>> ohio may be the prize but most of the candidates will spend little time in that state today. mitt romney will head to his home state of massachusetts to take part in their primary. and rick s
's still a distant second behind mitt romney in the total delegate count. despite romney's lead, santorum says he hopes undecided voters look past the numbers. >> so the math is not the issue. the issue is vision. the issue is that governor romney having outspent me 10-1 is still not able to close the deal and is not on a path himself to get to this. that's why we need to let this thing sort out. >> santorum says he does not believe true conservative republicans will let romney become the gop nominee. >>> newt gingrich is cranking up his criticism against mitt romney ahead of tomorrow's primaries. former house speaker said on fox news romney is the worst republican front-runner since leonard woods' 1920 campaign. gingrich called romney a weak candidate and said nearly all conservative voters oppose him. gingrich declared that he will be a strong contender in the race for president after he wins tomorrow's primaries. >>> the virginia general assembly agreed to a special session to try and make a deal on the state budget. the general session ended saturday without an agreement. governor bob
. >>> another impressive victory for mitt romney. the former massachusetts governor won yesterday's illinois primary. he beat former senator, rick santorum by 12%. ron paul and newt gingrich finished a distant third and fourth. nbc news's tracie potts looks at the race for the republican nomination after this crucial contest. >> we thank the people of illinois for their vote and for this extraordinary victory. thank you so much. >>> illinois, mitt romney's first big victory in the midwest, he outspent rick santorum 7-1 here and won with 47% of the vote. crucial step romney says in defeating president obama. >> it's time to say these words -- this word, enough. we've had enough. >> exit polls show superconservatives broke for santorum, 4-10 identified themselves as evangelical or born again. >> we won the areas that conservatives and respects pop late and we're very happy about that. we're happy about the delegates we're going to get, too. >> santorum's banking on romney being forced to give up some of his delegates, if florida and arizona are forced to split theirs. today, he's focused on th
tonight ahead of next week's primary. gop front-runner mitt romney is expected to be the winner. he's already been endorsed by some republican leaders here in the district where gop voters tend to be socially moderate. >>> after his big win in louisiana, the primary there rick santorum is stepping up his attacks on romney. santorum claims romney's 2-1 delegate lead is bad math and does not reflect what he calls his growing popularity with republican voters. during a rally sunday santorum told supporters romney's views are you don't know electrically disqualify him from being the gop nominee. he adds romney is the worst republican option to be put up against president obama. >>> doctors are defending dick cheney this morning as a former vice president recovers from heart transplant surgery in virginia. the 71-year-old had the successful procedure on saturday at inova fairfax hospital. that's in falls church. some question if cheney received special treatment getting a donor heart considering his age. however doctors say that current rules place medical need as a top criteria for tran
mitt romney and newt gingrich had a secret meeting. >>> i would like to get a chance to say something to you. and the something i want to say can really be said in just two words -- those two words are thank you. thank you to news4 for giving me 32 years of a wonderful experience. experience. >> plus a special member of our never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days is-- is huge. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. you just put one foot in front of the other, and you know that you're walking for such a great cause that you just keep going. (man) that you have all these people coming together for one common goal. (woman) the goal is to bring an end to breast cancer. (woman) there's no doubt in my mind that komen's funding helped saved my life. the 3-day is my opportunity to help save others' lives. (woman) i'll never stop walking, not till we find a cure. with 3 days and 60 miles, you're making a bold statement. you're saying breast cancer is not going to win. (woman) and it has to end, but it starts with us. it is
romney's campaign. who is endorsing the candidate today. plus moving day, a statue of duke ellington trucked through our area this morning. a look at its new home, stay with us. >>> mitt romney will pick up another key endorsement today, former president george h.w. bush will back the former massachusetts governor. the two are expected to meet today in houston. florida senator marco rubio endorsed romney last night. rubio is a tea party favorite and said it's clear romney will win the gop nomination in a drawn-out primary battle will hurt the nominee's chances of beating barack obama in november. >>> newt gingrich says he has a new strategy. he spoke yesterday at georgetown. it was his first speech since cutting a third of his staff this week. he didn't talk about his campaign problems, he did say why he wanted to run for president in the first place. >>> the fate of the nation's health care law now rests with the nine justices on the supreme court. three days of oral arguments concluded yesterday afternoon. in their final sessions, the justices seemed unanimous that if the mandatory
today. classes will resume tomorrow. >>> our time now is 11:09. presidential candidate mitt romney is backing off a statement opponent owesing republican backed bill. we will tell what you he said. plus, time now to try for tickets to the annual easter egg roll at the white house. >>> one man killed, two american soldiers at a nato base in southern kandahar. southern afghanistan. it happened today. at least one of the gunmen was believed to be an afghan soldier. the shootings are the latest in a series of attacks by afghan security forces are militants wearing afghan uniforms. the attacks have become more frequent since the koran was burned at a u.s. military base last week. earlier today the u.n. special representative to afghanistan put the blame squarely on the u.s. military and said disciplinary action must be taken to punish those responsible. >>> president obama is on his way to new hampshire. the president is heading up to the granite state to push his energy and economic plans. this is the second time president obama has visited new hampshire in the past few months. it is s
romney. the gop presidential candidate says republicans should give president obama a second term in office, if he doesn't win the party's nomination. santorum told supporters in texas that mitt romney isn't conservative enough. to offer voters a clear choice in the general election. romney and newt gingrich are criticizing santorum for that comment. both say any republican would be better than president obama. >>> maryland's primary is more than a week away now, but voters can be in casting their ballots this weekend. early voting begins tomorrow in maryland, it runs through next thursday. the actual primary will take place april 3rd. >>> and our time right now, eight minutes after 11:00. coming up, case closed -- the toxicology results are in. we now know what killed singer whitney houston. >>> plus looking for a job? try going across the pond. we hear there's an opening at the british palace. >>> cocaine and heart disease were key factors in whitney houston's death. the l.a. coroner released her autopsy report yesterday. the pop singer drowned in a beverly hills hotel bathtub.
on april 3rd. meanwhile, front-runner mitt romney appeared on the "tonight show" with jay leno. he talked about how he would change the tax code if he were elected president. >> what i want to do with the tax code is create more growth. that creates more jobs and puts more people in a position to have a rising income and to pay their taxes. how do you create a tax code that encourages small businesses to hire? and the answer is you bring down the marginal rates, the same time you get rid of some deductions or exemptions or limit them so that you stay with a code that's progressive. but you bring down those top tax rates, you get rid of the special deals and by doing that you encourage investment in hiring of american workers. >> romney also joked about rival rick santorum. he said santorum could be his press secretary. over the weekend, santorum cursed at a reporter, accused him of misinterpreting his remarks. >>> well close, but no cigar, no one matched all five megamillions numbers, and the megaball. the estimated jackpot will grow do $476 million on friday's drawing now. it's the large
. republican candidate mitt romney says president obama is in part to blame for increased gas prices. yesterday in mississippi romney said the president has delayed offshore riggs and onshore drilling and contributing to higher prices at the pump. and this morning on the "today" show matt lauer talked to exxon mobile's ceo till eetillerson w foreign problems are what are cause it is increase. >> the price of an average gallon of gasoline, regular gas, is $3.76. 36 cents from the all-time high. short term will those prices remain stable or do you see them going higher? >> what drove the prices up is entirely the crude oil price. 88% of the pump price that people see is due to the cost of the crude oil and then -- state and federal taxes. then you have a small margin for refiners and distributors and marketers. the answer to the question is if crude prices go up, obviously gasoline prices are going to go up. supply/demand is fine. what led to the most recent run-up obviously concerns about the rhetoric over closing of the straits of hormuz and conflicts with iran. >> in the district regular gas i
. >> reporter: tonight lawyers in ft. will ft. levinworth. >>> a bit more momentum from mitt romney now in decision 2012. the republican presidential candidate won sunday's primary in puerto rico. picking up 20 delegates. the victory comes ahead of tomorrow's primary in illinois. santorum says he will become the gop nominee if he pulls off the next win. >> if we are able to come out with a huge or surprise win i guarantee you, i guarantee you, we will win this nomination. >> i know a lot of people will talk about delegates and strategies and math. that's all very interesting. the insiders. >> rick santorum is only eligible for 44 delegates tomorrow because he's not on the balance not all illinois districts. polls have shown republican voters favor mitt romney in this moderate midwestern state. >>> new today. people in north platt, nebraska, are assessing the damage from two tornadoes. this photo was taken by a railroad worker. he says the tornado traveled on the ground for at least ten minutes. several homes and buildings had been destroyed and so far no deaths have been reported and tw
newt gingrich and mitt romney neck and neck. gingrich needs to win the south to keep his campaign live. mitt romney is trying to hold on to his front-runner status. rick santorum is also looking for a win with his edge with the evangelicals. delegates are also up for grabs today in hawaii and in america samoa. both which will hold caucuses today. >>> perhaps for the first time ever a state visit includes madness, march madness, that is. president obama and british prime minister david cameron will attend the first game of the ncaa tournament tonight. mississippi valley state is playing western kentucky during the first four matchup in dayton, ohio. they will also take part in an interview at halftime with sport caster clark kellogg. it is part of cameron's official visit to the u.s. >>> that sounds like a fun evening. >> yeah, march mad must and the weather, too. >> yeah. >> as we have had this mild pattern continuing right now temperatures are jumping. look around the region. we are well into the 60s to near 70 degrees already across much of west virginia, virginia, and maryland. reag
mitt rom my for president. romney is expected to arrive in puerto rico tomorrow. island residents can have a say in which candidate wins the republican nomination but they cannot vote in november's general election. >>> fewer people sought unemployment benefits last week. we are bogey on check in with cnbc. >> that's right. u.s. stocks are trading higher. we also have treasury yeeltds hitting 5-month high this thursday as jobs manufacturing data showed gathering momentum in the united states. data today added to views that the u.s. economy was reaching firmer footing with jobless claims back at a four-year low last week. modest pickup in the manufacturing pace in new york for the month of march. one stock we are hitting a lot today is apple. extending a rise to its seventh straight session to touch a record $600 shortly after the opening. last week apple's chief executive tim cook introduced the highly anticipated third iteration of the ipad. estimating apple will sell up to 60 million ipad this year and on top 5069 million they have sold since the original ipad was introduced in 2010
presidential candidates are focussing on puerto rico. the island holds its primary on sunday. mitt romney will arrive there today. santorum has been campaigning in puerto rico for more than a day. he's backtracking after saying english should be puerto rico's main language if it wants to back state. santorum says now spanish would be the predominant language there but english would have to be spoken. >>> president sbaem hitting the campaign trail hard today aboard air force one. he schedule ad five fund-raisers today, three in atlanta and two in the hometown of chicago. money raised today will be split between the president's campaign and the democratic national committee. >>> developing story in michigan. people in dexter are spending the day assessing the damage after a tornado ripped through the rural town. this is near ann arbor, michigan. the slow-moving storm part of the system packing large hail and heavy rain and high winds. the twister demolished several commercial buildings and homes. there are no reports of injuries or deaths. >>> and storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us
the primary in d.c., one candidate got a landslide lead. mitt romney finished with 72% of the vote. newt gingrich was in second. the winner of d.c.'s primary will get 16 convention delegates. >>> maryland's primary is also next week. and newt gingrich is campaigning in annapolis right now. the republican presidential candidate was invited to speak at the state house after that eel talk to business owners on main street. this afternoon, gingrich will speak at salisbury university. he'll reach out to gop voters in d.c. tomorrow with an event at georgetown university. >> after several delays, nasa launched rockets to study the upper level jet stream. nasa blasted five rockets into the air from its wallace island facility on the eastern shore of virginia. the rockets released a chemical into the atmosphere to form white clouds that allowed scientists and the public to visualize the winds. nasa had been trying to launch the rockets since last week, but bad weather delayed the project. well storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein, did you look at the clouds? >> i did go out and look, but the city li
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